About shokopars

About shokopars

Shokopars Company (General Joint Stock Company) started its activity in 1341 under the name of Shokumars and under the license of Mars Company. it was covered by the National Industrial Organization and was renamed Pars Chocolate in 1357. It was assigned to private sector for
Government privatization policy in 1373 and  was renamed shokopars.

In 1380, the company's shares were purchased by Minoo Industrial Group. And in 1387, it was transferred from Tehran to Khorramdareh( zanjan) due to the policies of the Azadegan Economic and Self-Sufficiency Company and began its activity there. Currently it is one of the most famous manufacturers of confectionery and chocolate products and all kinds of syrups and drinks in the country under the name of Shokopars.

Shokopars (General Joint Stock Company) is one of the most famous manufacturers in the country with more than half a century of experience in the confectionery and chocolate industry.

The name of shokopars is a commitment to dear costumers that this company  produce and supply healthy products in accordance with quality standards.

Shokopars is well known for the quality of its products and its growth and development. The company's products include types of syrups,types of chocolates,types of digestive biscuits, diet products, desserts, cake powders and jelly powders in different flavors and breakfast chocolates.

Shokopars Company has the authorized licenses of the Ministry of Health and reputable laboratories that control all raw materials and products under the supervision of the Ministry of Health and the Standard Institute. Shokopars R&D unit always offers new products according to customers' tastes. Shokopars uses past experience and expertise to protect customers' trust and satisfaction.

Shokopars company's products include: 

Types of syrup with natural extract

Types of milk centerfield chocolate,dark chocolate and chocolate beans

Types of syrup powder

Types of diet products(chocolate,jelly powder,..)

Types of chocolate bans,toffee,winter ice cream and chocolate

Types of desserts,cake powder, jelly powder in fruity and chocolate flavors

Breakfast chocolate, cocoa cream,..

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