History Of Chocopars

Shokopars Company (General Joint Stock Company) started its activity in 1341 under the name of Shokumars and under the license of Mars Company. it was covered by the National Industrial Organization and was renamed Pars Chocolate in 1357. It was assigned to private sector for Government privatization policy in 1373 and was renamed shokopars. In 1380, the company's shares were purchased by Minoo Industrial Group. And in 1387, it was transferred from Tehran to Khorramdareh( zanjan) due to the policies of the Azadegan Economic and Self-Sufficiency Company and began its activity there. Currently it is one of the most famous manufacturers of confectionery and chocolate products and all kinds of syrups and drinks in the country under the name of Shokopars.


از سال 1341شمسی فعالیت خود را با نام شوکومارس وتحت لیسانس شرکت مارس آغاز نموده


در سال 1357 مشمول بند ج و تحت پوشش سازمان صنایع ملی قرار گرفت و به شکلات پارس تغییر نام یافت

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